Virtual Event Suite

The Pivot to Virtual Events is Easier Than You Think
Virtual Events have a lot of moving parts. Keep everything in one place so attendees show up and stay engaged.

Interactive Web App

Users can easily toggle between their preferred devices for optimal video consumption and networking.

Audience Engagement

Keep your virtual audience excited and engaged with live polling, push notifications, Q&A, gamification, and more.

Advanced Networking

A virtual event without networking is just a webinar. Give attendees a platform where they can chat, share files, and engage with each other, or use Shake to Connect to discover other attendees and instantly connect — from anywhere.

LiVE Communities

The Communities platform expands the boundaries of a virtual event, where organizers can make more frequent touch points, and attendees have a network of like- minded peers on standby.

Sponsorship Visibility

Leverage powerful tools like gamification, banner ads, sponsor profiles, and push notifications to drive attendee engagement with your sponsors.