Lead Retrieval

The Next Generation Lead Retrieval for your Events. Be your Sponsors’ and Exhibitors’ Hero. Give them Lead Retrieval, the most seamless way to capture and qualify leads export to their CRM, and smash ROI.

Badge Scanned, Lead Captured

Turn every booth at your event into a lead generator. Lead Retrieval is the most seamless way for your sponsors and exhibitors to capture leads with enriched data—all by scanning attendees’ QR codes.

Collaborative Notes & Lead Nurturing

Lead Retrieval empowers your sponsors and exhibitors to create a personalized journey for every attendee they meet. Teams progress leads together by adding notes that they all can see. A duplicate scan goes from a redundancy to an added opportunity.

Easy Lead Qualifying & Rating

Prioritizing leads ASAP is a must for your sponsors and exhibitors, especially at trade shows and roadshows. Just like scanning, booth teams qualify and rate leads right in the app. That automation of scanning, qualifying, and rating make three steps flow together like one.

Real-Time Reports & Lead Management

As leads pile up, your sponsors and exhibitors see their ROI in real time. Key metrics, from lead quality to who scanned which lead, neatly display across a dashboard so booth staff can make time-sensitive decisions.

Instant CRM Reporting

Lead Retrieval feeds your sponsors’ and exhibitors’ sales pipelines by exporting straight to their CRMs. All that clean, qualified data empowers exhibitors to follow up the next day—or even the day of.