Gamification & More

Inform Without Interrupting

Keep your event running on time by showing attendees exactly what they need to see. Edit the schedule at any time to show last-minute changes, then drop notes into the news ticker to reinforce your live updates. And if an urgent announcement comes up, you can send a visual alert to every screen.

Turn Event Day Into Game Day

Watch participation skyrocket by creating challenges, then inspire friendly competition with leaderboards that update in real time. You can even flash names on every screen when you spin for a live drawing, raffle, or giveaway.

Connect Your Favorite Tools With LiVE

Featured Integrations

Connect Socio with hundreds of powerful software platforms, tools, and apps. When you sync the applications your events depend on the most, you break down data silos and make your workflow much more efficient. And the extra time lets you focus on making your event even better. Don’t see the integration you’re looking for?

Our custom integrations team works alongside you. We’ll integrate with your internal and external apps so you can build seamless workflows. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, don’t worry. Book a demo and tell us what you need.